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Latisse™ is a prescription ophthalmic solution that is used to thicken and grow the eyelashes.  It makes them longer, thicker and darker.  The mechanism for the way it works is unknown.  However, it puts more of the eyelashes into a growing stage and makes that growing stage last longer.  Significant improvement is seen in about two months.  Latisse™ is the only product approved by the FDA to grow eyelashes. 


Latisse™ is a very safe product.  It is our impression that our patients have very much appreciated its effect, and we have seen virtually no side effects.  However, allergies are possible.  These present either as itchy eyes or eye redness and reportedly occurs in about 4% of users.  Skin darkening along the edge of the eyelid and redness of the eyelids themselves have also been reported, and we have seen a few patients with this.  Latisse™ may also cause increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye which is likely to be permanent.  If you do not want to risk this, then do not use Latisse™.  Obviously, if any eye condition occurs when using Latisse™, such as a decrease in vision or an eye infection, see the doctor right away.  If you are to have any type of eye surgery, be sure that the doctor knows that you use Latisse™.


Certain patients should not use this medication.  If there has been any history of increased pressure within the eye (glaucoma) or if a patient is currently taking medication for glaucoma, they should not use Latisse™.  Those who have high risk factors for glaucoma such as a family history should also see an eye doctor before they start using this drug. 


Applying Latisse™ is easy.  A drop of the solution is placed on an applicator.  The applicator is then rubbed at the base of the eyelashes right where the skin meets.  Excess solution is blotted off.  The solution should not be applied in the eye or on the lower lid.  Should some solution get into the eyes, there is no need to rinse them, but just try  not to get the solution into the eye.  Mascara can be used after the Latisse solution is applied.


For those who are using contact lenses, it is best that they be removed first and then replaced 15 minutes after application of Latisse.  If an application is missed, just use it again the following night.  Applying it more than once a day will not increase eyelash growth anymore than using it just at bedtime. 


Once you stop using Latisse™, the eyelashes will return to their previous appearance within a couple of months. 


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