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The most up to date and current method for performing vasectomy is quick and now, with the No-Needle technique, a nearly painless procedure.

Dr. Lorenzo Berlanga performs hundreds of vasectomies a year in the comfort of a modern office ( The Medical Procedures Center , P.C.).

Vasectomy is an operation performed on men to achieve permanent sterility. Vasectomy is not castration and does not alter a man’s sex drive or sensation of orgasm. Furthermore, it does not alter the male sex hormones or the male sex characteristics.

During the first visit the doctor will review your history and the procedure, and performs a brief exam. Your partner is encouraged to attend this counseling and evaluation session. All your questions will be answered. You can then decide if vasectomy is right for you. An appointment is scheduled for a later date if you decide to proceed.

Same day counseling and vasectomy are available for those traveling more than 50 miles (one hour), talk with receptionist.

The procedure itself only takes 20-30 minutes from entering the room to completion. If it is performed on a Friday, the majority of all occupations return to work on Monday. You will be given complete follow-up instructions . Two semen checks are recommended at six and twelve weeks to confirm a successful procedure.

For men who are very apprehensive and have “weak stomachs”, relax. Valium is generally prescribed for everyone (although some may prefer not to take it), and an extra medication is given to prevent sweating, nausea, and fainting for those who need it. Even the most anxious patients report that, with the preparation we use, the procedure is easily tolerated.

Many patients stop by on their way up north to their cottage, have the procedure done, then rest for the weekend before returning home to lower Michigan. We’re just off the US 10 expressway so we are easy to find and convenient.

We accept most insurance plans and vasectomy is usually a covered benefit but, you’ll need to check with your insurance carrier to be sure you are covered. If you want to check with your insurance company to be sure it’s a covered benefit, the diagnosis code is Z30.2 and the procedure code is 55250.

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