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The following are patient remarks that we thought may help you to understand how other patients view our services and what they may have experienced while receiving their vasectomy at our facility. These statements are in their own words.

  • Your office is incredible. The building is beautiful and the staff was great. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to come here for the no-needle vasectomy.

    Teresa Rollin (wife)
  • This was more like a casual conversation than having a surgery. It was absolutely pain free."

    Ryan Randall
  • I wanted to say thank you again for genuinely unmatched customer service as well as some fantastic medical treatment! If you did general practice medicine, Iā€™d be first in line to sign up. Thank you again!

  • I am 100% satisfied. I was nervous about pain during the procedure, but there was none. I followed post-operative instructions and have had no swelling, bruising or discomfort. I would highly recommend, in fact I would insist my friends go there for a vasectomy. I am 100% satisfied.

  • I have had three procedures in regards to vasectomy (a vasectomy elsewhere, a reversal, and now another vasectomy). Dr. Pfenninger was the only doctor who offered no needles. Getting a vasectomy by the technique that Dr. Pfenninger uses was amazing. The air driven anesthetic gave a sound/sensation like a little puff and the numbing began. The process of numbing me for the procedure took mere seconds. I would chose that over going to the dentist for a root canal any day. Dr. Pfenninger offers the best in regard to bedside, skill, professional atmosphere, and cutting edge technique. I have no doubt that other's experience is the same. I recommend him to anyone in need of vasectomy and other services that he offers.

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