The redemption of any free service requires an initial consultation to qualify that the requested care and services available are suited and appropriate based on the patient's medical history. The doctor will review your preferred service and discuss expectations, benefits, and risks. Any questions can be addressed at the time of consultation, and the doctor will review any other services and needs that you may request more information on at the time of consultation. We encourage you to check out all of our services so that a review of additional services can occur during our comprehensive aesthetic consultation. This is limited to selecting one of the services listed on the promotional card only and redemption of one per client. No cash value can be redeemed. It is at the doctor's discretion that if none of these services are deemed appropriate, a value should be established to be applied to another service.

Birthday card coupons need to be scheduled within 30 days.

Get a personalized treatment strategy crafted to help you attain your aesthetic objectives.


  • Dr. Berlanga and his nurse have always been wonderful to me.

  • Great experience! Hardly felt a thing! Would definitely recommend Dr. Berlanga.

    - Shaun Y. via GOOGLE
  • "I had my vasectomy a week ago and I feel great."