Meet Dr. Berlanga

Lorenzo Berlanga, MD

Lorenzo Berlanga, MD, P.C.

Midland, MI Doctor

Medical Procedures Center

Dr. Berlanga has over 20 years of experience. He completed residency training at the University of Michigan, his doctorate at Michigan State University (MSU), and a Bachelor of Science at Central Michigan University (CMU) in Medical Technology. He was a clinical Professor at Mayo Clinic, Rochester for four years, as well as at MSU College of Human Medicine and CMU Family Medicine Residency. He moved to Midland in 2018.

Dr. Berlanga continuously advocates for providing high-quality health care being mindful of health care costs. He is a member of the Great Lakes Organized System of Care.

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  • Dr. Berlanga and his nurse have always been wonderful to me.

  • Great experience! Hardly felt a thing! Would definitely recommend Dr. Berlanga.

    - Shaun Y. via GOOGLE
  • "I had my vasectomy a week ago and I feel great."